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Kit Young’s Catalogue #185 is now online!
February 1, 2024
Brand new sections..
1) 15% off sale of many vintage sets
2) New vintage hockey stars
3) Autographed photos, cards and baseballs
4) News of our Midwest/South buying trip
5) Huge group of star cards
6) New group of vintage sets
7) Vintage wrappers        

Please email to orders@kityoung.com.
Please click here to view our sale.        Click Here________
Almost all cards/sets etc. in this sale are available on this site kityoung.com and ready for immediate purchase. Please note: any special previous offers/coupons DO NOT apply to cards in this new sale. A few sections are brand new and are not yet on site – please call/email to order those or any other cards on this site or in Sale #185.

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