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Kit Young’s Catalogue #178 is now available!                             
November 10, 2022   
This catalogue features:

All brand new sections.
1) The “Great Food Set” collection:
2) All Kahns Meat, Red Mans sets, 25 other food sets                          
3) PSA 8 sets 1955 All American & 1960 Fleer football                              
4) 1969 Topps Supers high grade set
5) 1893 Dukes Tobacco cards
6) Half price star cards
7) Over 30 new baseball & football sets
8) over 25 Topps inserts sets

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Almost all cards/sets etc. in this sale are available on this site
kityoung.com and ready for immediate purchase. Please note: any special previous offers/coupons DO NOT apply to cards in this new sale. A few sections are brand new and are not yet on site – please call/email to order those or any other cards on this site or in Sale #178.

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