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Kit Young’s Brand New Sale #156 Has Started!         

Our brand new 12/30/2019 Sale has started!  

Highlights Include: 1) 20 Brand new premium PSA graded cards
2) 100 new 1915 Cracker Jacks
3) New Years Specially priced Hall of Famers
4) 1940’s-50’s PCL regional cards
5) 1963 Hall of Fame Busts
6) 1950-60-70’s publications
7) Over 1000 Topps high numbers 1959-1972

Plus countless other sets, star cards and more!   Please email to orders@kityoung.com.                                   

Please click here to view our sale.     Click Here________                                                            

Please note: This is a phone and email sale, NOT ONLINE. Please use email and phone numbers below to purchase any item.

Phone: 858 259 1300, 888 548 9686  Email: orders@kityoung.com